Credit Report

5 August,2013

One of the most financially devastating actions you can take is to declare bankruptcy. Your bankruptcy filing is reported under the credit payment history portion of your credit report. That is the factor that weighs most heavily in the calculation of your score. As a result of this reality, a bankruptcy can result in a […]

14 May,2013

Unfortunately, too many consumers wait until they are actually applying for a major loan before they check their credit. If you are planning to apply for a major loan — especially if you want to apply for a mortgage loan — it’s better if you check your credit first, and then take steps to improve […]

26 February,2013

When it comes to your credit, one of the best things you can do is check your report for errors, and then fix mistakes.  Getting rid of some of your credit report errors can provide you with a way to increase your credit score. But what are some of these errors? And why do they […]

18 December,2012

Our culture is increasingly becoming aware of the importance of credit, and of maintaining a good credit history. However, some still do not check their credit reports. They think that it is pointless, unless they actually plan to borrow a large sum of money. Your credit history is about more than just trying to get […]

26 September,2012

One of the realities of your financial life is that a mistake on your credit report can negatively impact your credit score. If an inaccurate item on your credit report is dragging on your credit score, it can make it more difficult to qualify for the loan you want. And, even if you do qualify […]

31 July,2012

When you have poor credit, it can really stymie your attempts to build a solid financial footing. You can’t get access to the same financial services and deals, and it can be difficult to move on from there. Credit repair is desirable if you have poor credit. There are a number of reputable companies that […]

29 May,2012

When you have poor credit, it becomes important to fix the situation. Poor credit results in higher interest rates, as well as other costs. Additionally, your credit situation can have an impact on your insurance rates, approval for services, and even your ability to gain employment. While there are various ways to improve your credit, […]

22 February,2012

One of the common pieces of advice given to those who want to build their credit history is to get a credit card. This is because credit cards are well-known for being a fast way to build a credit history. But why are credit cards so influential when it comes to your credit history? There […]

31 January,2012

There are a number of credit scoring models, as well as various consumer credit reports available. However, many of them have a few things in common, and many credit scoring models are based, in some way, on the FICO score. For most of these scoring models, it is important to realize that just having someone […]

24 January,2012

When you are trying to rebuild credit, finding the means to help you establish a better credit history can be tough. It’s hard to qualify for loans, and even some credit card companies are reluctant to give you a line of credit. What you need is a  secured loan from a creditor that will report […]