19 March,2018

Your bad money habits cost more than you think. If you’re stuck in a loop of credit card debt, putting off investing, or committing other well-known financial atrocities, it could add years to your working life and take them away from the cozy retirement you envision. Here are some of the most common habits that […]

4 January,2016

When it comes to New Year resolutions, paying down debt — along with other financial goals — is often on the radar. Chances are that you’ve had the idea to use demolishing your debt as one of your own New Year resolutions at some point in the past. However, actually following through can be difficult, […]

1 December,2015

Now that the year is almost over, it’s a good time to look back on your finances and see how you’ve done. Understanding where you’re at, and where you want to go next, can help you make better decisions about the future. As you close out this year and prepare for another year, here’s how […]

19 January,2015

It’s a brand new year, and the world is full of people who have made it a financial goal to pay down their debt. While making debt paydown a priority can be good for your finances and your life, it also makes sense to take a step back and consider the way you are looking […]

10 November,2014

When it comes to paying down debt, we often focus on how much we can save in interest. However, we often forget that there are some types of debt that actually come with tax advantages. While it’s not exactly a dollar-for-dollar benefit, the reality is that the financial impact of interest can be reduced when […]

25 August,2014

One of the problems with paying down debt is that other things sometimes get in the way. Then it becomes difficult, because we often feel as though we aren’t making the progress we would like. However, if you want to be successful, you need to make debt paydown a priority. Often, one of the reasons […]

9 June,2014

One of the basic tenets of personal finance is that it’s vital that you pay off your debt. In general, debt is viewed negatively. However, there might be times when debt can be a good thing — or at least a Not So Bad thing. If you’re going to use debt to further your finances, […]

26 May,2014

Unfortunately, the cost of college keeps rising. While you don’t necessarily need a degree to succeed in your career, many people see still some type of higher education as the key to success later in life. If you are pinning your hopes for future success on the outcome of attending college, then there’s a good […]

17 March,2014

As counter-intuitive as it might seem, your credit card issuers might actually be able to help you pay off your debt faster. One of the tools you can use as you create a debt reduction plan is your credit card statement. Each month, your credit card issuer provides you with helpful insight into how you […]

30 December,2013

In some circles, there is the idea that all debt is bad, and that it should all be paid off as soon as possible. For some time, I felt that way, too. (There’s nothing wrong with feeling that way, either. You manage your money in a way that works for you.) However, I started differentiating […]