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23 February,2015

One of the hallmarks of a “traditional” retirement is the idea that you stop working. You quit your job, and then ride off into the sunset, ready to relax on some beach somewhere — or at least make eternal rounds of your kids’ and grandkids’ homes. But is this the type of retirement you want? […]

1 December,2014

One of the financial and life milestones we are expected to prepare for is retirement. While not everyone wants a “traditional” retirement that involves sitting around doing nothing and living off a nest egg, chances are that you will need to find some way of creating revenue to support yourself. It makes sense to plan […]

15 September,2014

One of the things that many of us look forward to is retirement. Even if you don’t plan to sit around all day doing nothing once you reach “retirement age”, you still want to be able to do what you want. Essentially, retirement is all about freedom. It’s about the freedom to choose your lifestyle, […]

30 June,2014

If you want to build a nest egg that will result in a successful retirement, you need to have a good investing plan. The reality is that you are unlikely to reach your retirement goals if you don’t invest. As scary as that sounds, the truth is that investing is one of the best ways […]

7 April,2014

Study after study indicates that many Americans aren’t ready for retirement. Many Americans wonder if they will be able to retire comfortably, and they aren’t sure where to start when it comes to saving what they need. You don’t have to be one of those without a clue. You can figure out how much you […]

20 January,2014

Not too long ago, an acquaintance came to me, wondering how he could set aside money for a short period of time and still potentially earn a decent return. He mused about the idea of using a Roth IRA for the money, since it’s possible to withdraw your contributions anytime without penalty. I also spoke […]

4 November,2013

Since the law changed a few years ago, many people have been interested in rolling their Traditional IRAs into Roth IRAs. Anyone, no matter their income, can convert a Traditional IRA to a Roth, and that has many scrambling to take advantage of what the Roth IRA has to offer. Many are aware that when […]

19 June,2013

One of the most important things you can do for your financial future is to set money aside for retirement. Your retirement fund can provide you with peace of mind and financial stability in your later years. It’s easy to forget about the future when you’re worried about the present. But you really need to […]

26 March,2013

When looking for the best IRA rates and performance, many investors have been considering target date retirement funds. Before you decide that a target date fund is a good way to set it and forget it when it comes to your retirement, it’s a good idea to stop and consider the pros and cons of […]

8 January,2013

One of the questions that many savers face when deciding what type of account to open is that of Roth vs. Traditional. When trying to decide which type of retirement account is right for you, you need to consider your current situation, as well as try to realistically project what your situation will be like […]