11 May,2015

We hear a lot about the earnings gap for women. The research indicates that women still make less than men. Some measures say that women working full-time earn 77 cents for every dollar that men working full-time earn. However, but other calculations, such as those completed by the Pew Research Center, women earn 84 percent […]

22 December,2014

Do you feel stuck in a career rut? It’s easy to feel as though you are just marking time in a job. If you want to get out of that career rut, you need a plan to take things to the next level. If you are ready to take your career to the next level […]

6 October,2014

Recently, I attended the FinCon Expo. This year it was held in New Orleans. I normally go as an attendee, which is something I find helpful for my career. This year, though, I did more than just attend; I moderated a panel. Being a speaker at the conference helped me raise my career profile, and […]

4 August,2014

Many of us like the idea of changing careers. When you are tired of your current job, or if you are concerned that you might be stuck in a dead end, it is tempting to just start over again in a new career. On top of that, you might be getting vibes that your current […]

28 April,2014

The whole point of any job search is to get a job — especially if you are unemployed or underemployed. With the current job market in the United States still slow and depressing, it makes sense to do what you can to make the most of your employment situation, and if you are offered a […]

10 February,2014

When it comes to your career, one of the best ways to improve your prospects is through networking. The things you do now can improve your career for years to come. Networking is one of those career-making moves that should be a part of your career strategy — no matter what stage you think you’re […]

29 January,2014

Confessions of a Professional Blogger is a new book where Miranda Marquit walks the reader through her career path as a freelance writer. Miranda covers every aspect of being a freelancer, including the challenges, the tough dilemmas and what it takes to build up a sustainable business as a professional writer. In my opinion, the […]

25 November,2013

We live in a world that is connected online. In many cases, your resume will first vetted by a computer program. If someone decides to run a quick online search involving you, he or she will see your social media profiles. This means that, if you want to survive an electronic job search, you need […]

2 July,2013

During the summer between my junior year and senior year of college, I participated in an internship. As a Communications major, I was expected to complete an internship for college credit — and for experience. While I didn’t receive pay (and I even had to pay for the summer credits), the experience still proved useful. […]

16 April,2013

Few of us are happy being stuck in a career rut. Many of us know that career success requires strategy and work. However, you might be surprised at the types of things that can help you improve in your career over time. One of the best ways to boost your career prospects now and in […]