Credit Report

22 March,2016

Many consumers find the credit industry a little confusing. You have a credit report and a credit score, and it isn’t always clear which is which and how each item impacts you. As you move forward trying to improve your financial situation, it’s important to understand the relationship between your credit report and your credit […]

23 October,2015

One of the biggest bones of contention in recent years has been the way credit scores are figured. A number of factors go into your credit score, most of them based on the way you handle your debt. However, as your credit history becomes increasingly important for financial transactions that don’t include borrowing, some people […]

26 January,2015

Chances are that you are well aware that your credit report is important, and that it is the basis for your credit score. However, there are some things that many consumers aren’t aware of when it comes to their credit reports. Understanding your credit report, and how it works, is an important part of managing […]

3 November,2014

FICO 9 is on the way, and this could be a positive thing for your credit — at least if you have medical debt. Right now, the way medical debt is weighted in the scoring system, it could have a big impact on how financial services providers view you. But that could be changing as […]

18 August,2014

We often think of a credit score as a snapshot of our finances. It’s meant to provide lenders and other financial services providers with insight into how we might manage our money. With a credit score, someone can get a general idea of how you might handle your finances, and whether or not you are […]

2 June,2014

For the last few months, it seems we’ve heard a lot about data breaches. From major retailers to vulnerabilities like Heartbleed, word that your personal information could be out there is spreading. But what does it matter? As long as you protect your bank account passwords, taking the proper precautions, you should be safe, right? […]

10 March,2014

Keeping up with your credit report is an important part of making sure that your finances are in proper order. However, the cost of looking at your credit report all the time can start to add up. The good news is that you can access some of the information in your credit report for free. […]

1 January,2014

You already know how important your credit score is and how it impacts many aspects of your life. As a result, it makes sense to do whatever possible to improve your credit rating. If your credit score has suffered, you can improve the situation with the help of credit repair – if it’s done right. […]

23 December,2013

One of the things that you need to realize is that your credit report is a way for others to judge your level of financial responsibility. So, who’s looking at your credit report? You might be surprised. Lenders The most obvious group of people who are likely to check your credit is lenders. It’s fairly […]

7 October,2013

By now, there are few consumers who don’t realize how important good credit is. Most people know that they need to have good credit. What’s in a credit report can influence money-related decisions from whether or not you get a loan to whether or not you are hired for a job. Your credit is so […]