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1 December,2015

Now that the year is almost over, it’s a good time to look back on your finances and see how you’ve done. Understanding where you’re at, and where you want to go next, can help you make better decisions about the future. As you close out this year and prepare for another year, here’s how […]

25 May,2015

I’ve been a little frustrated since moving to Pennsylvania because I still need my checkbook in some cases. While it’s inconvenient to use a check most of the time, I started thinking about some of the other issues that come with using a checkbook. One of the problems with using checks is that they are […]

5 January,2015

I’ve been trying to phase out my checkbook. I don’t often use cash or check because there are so many other ways to pay that are so much more convenient. However, since moving to Pennsylvania, my checkbook has been making something of a comeback. I was surprised, upon moving here, at some of the changes […]

20 October,2014

One of the great things about technology is that it makes it possible for you to do your banking from almost anywhere. You can initiate transfers, check your balance, and even pay your bills right from your cell phone. It’s even possible to deposit a check via cell phone. I do it all the time. […]

21 July,2014

One of the biggest issues that you need to consider when you marry is whether or not you should open a joint checking account with your spouse. Combining finances can be tricky, and you need to make sure you understand the implications before you go the joint account route. Do You Want to Combine Your […]

19 May,2014

One of the great things about technology is that it’s possible to manage your money online without too much trouble. With so much of our money represented digitally, you can manage most of your finances from a distance, opening low-cost, free checking account online. However, before you decide to open an online account and use […]

24 February,2014

My son is 11 years old, and he’s had a savings account since he was five or so. As he grows, though, I’ve started thinking about the fact that he should probably have a checking account fairly soon. I was 12 or 13 when my mom opened a joint checking account with me, and the […]

9 December,2013

One of the biggest financial challenges my family faces is our variable income. The nature of my freelance work means that our income varies a bit from month to month, and my husband is an adjunct professor, so his income changes every semester. Because of the varying income — and the fact that we don’t […]

16 September,2013

Recently, it seems as though banks are trying their best to squeeze as much money as they can out of consumers. Fees continue to head higher, and account minimums are imposed. In fact, we’ve heard a lot about the demise of the free checking account, and how consumers are a little unhappy about the current […]

22 July,2013

In the current low-rate environment, many consumers are looking for ways to improve the yield they receive from their deposit accounts. In some cases, opening a money market account can be an attractive option. Some money market accounts have better yields than “regular” bank accounts, and this makes them attractive. But before you open a […]