Credit Cards

20 December,2011

Credit cards don’t always have to be evil debt traps. In fact, with the right attitude and a good spending plan, credit cards can actually be great financial tools. Your credit card can help you enjoy free stuff, discounted travel, and cash back. But you have to work out a plan to get the most […]

17 October,2011

For the most part, when you have poor credit, the way to rebuild it is to make use of a secured credit card. However, many would rather have an unsecured credit card. While it is a little harder to find unsecured credit cards for bad credit, it is possible. However, if you do have poor […]

8 August,2011

The Internet has made it easier to access almost anything. From keeping tabs on your bank accounts to getting the best insurance quotes to managing all of your shopping (including groceries!), it’s possible to handle your everyday transactions online. You can even apply for a credit card online and get immediate approval. Whether you are […]

13 July,2011

One way you can speed up your debt repayment process is to take advantage of 0 interest credit card offers. 0 interest credit cards allow you to make payments on your principal, without having some of your monthly payment diverted to interest. This can help you get rid of your debt faster. When comparing 0 […]

27 June,2011

You probably already know how important your credit history is when it comes to your finances. If you want the best rate on a loan, you need a good credit score. If you want to save money on insurance premiums, your credit report matters. Having a good credit history can also influence your job prospects […]

23 May,2011

When choosing a credit card, you want to make sure that you are getting the best card for your needs. Because personal finance is so personal, it is important that you consider your own individual needs when choosing a credit card. You will want to consider the credit limit, of course. But there are other […]