Credit Cards

7 May,2013

When I travel, I like to use my credit card. Credit cards are great for travel because they come with a certain level of fraud liability protection. Plus, they can be used almost anywhere you go, and they are very convenient. On top of that, when you plan your credit card use just right, you can […]

19 February,2013

There’s no doubt that credit cards make certain purchases much easier to complete — especially with the rise in online shopping. However, there are concerns about the security involved with credit cards. What if someone gets access to your credit card number and makes fraudulent purchases? The impact from such a situation can be large, […]

4 December,2012

One of the best things you can do for your finances is remember the cost of credit cards. It’s important to understand that some credit cards cost quite a lot — especially if you carry a balance. Knowing what you will pay for your credit is a big part of understanding your financial decisions and […]

24 September,2012

One of the best things you can do for your finances is to be realistic about the cost of credit cards. Unfortunately, too many of us believe that a credit card limit represents “our” money. However, it’s important to realize that credit cards represent money that you are borrowing. Whenever you borrow money it comes […]

24 July,2012

In most cases, the conventional wisdom on credit cards is to avoid paying an annual fee. An annual fee, that you pay for the privilege of borrowing money, seems like a terrible idea to many people. However, in some cases it might actually make sense to pay an annual fee. Do the Rewards Offset the […]

23 May,2012

Chances are that you have heard about balance transfers. You can move your balance from one credit card to another. But what’s the big deal? Why would someone choose to move their credit card balance? A credit card balance transfer is a big deal because it can save you a lot of money in interest […]

16 March,2012

In this guest post from, Joe is sharing how he maximizes the rewards of a specific credit card he uses in a creative way. A few months back I came across a credit card offer that was above and beyond any deal I had seen before. First, a disclaimer. I believe that credit and […]

22 February,2012

One of the common pieces of advice given to those who want to build their credit history is to get a credit card. This is because credit cards are well-known for being a fast way to build a credit history. But why are credit cards so influential when it comes to your credit history? There […]

24 January,2012

When you are trying to rebuild credit, finding the means to help you establish a better credit history can be tough. It’s hard to qualify for loans, and even some credit card companies are reluctant to give you a line of credit. What you need is a  secured loan from a creditor that will report […]

17 January,2012

Back when I took my first international trip, most people took traveler’s checks, and converted them to local currency. While the traveler’s checks were protected, in the event of theft, once they were turned into cash, you became vulnerable. Now, though, many people prefer to travel with credit cards. It’s easier than carrying cash, you […]