26 August,2013

One of the things I hear a lot is, “But I don’t have enough money to start investing”. Even after the Internet revolution has democratized investing to the point where almost anyone can start investing online, the myth that you need to have a large chunk of capital to start investing persists. The reality is […]

4 June,2013

Since the stock market crash of 2008, many investors have turned to dividend stocks. Dividend investing has become more popular as investors look for ways to continue earning income even during down markets. And, even though the market has recovered and surpassed its former level, many investors are looking for other ways to earn a […]

9 April,2013

Investors who are a little more experienced with DIY investments, and who are interested in options, can get a great deal by using OptionsHouse. OptionsHouse specializes in options, and offers access to discounted stock trading as well. Fees If you are looking for low, low prices on your investing, OptionsHouse is a great choice. First […]

19 March,2013

One of the questions I am most often asked is where someone should start when it comes to investing. For many would-be investors, the whole situation seems daunting. How do you get started? And how do you know which investments to pick? The good news is that getting started is relatively simple; for the most […]

16 January,2013

For many, investing seems like a hopelessly complex way to make money. However, the truth is that investing doesn’t have to be complex. If you are interested in getting started with investing this year, there are a few steps to take to get you on the right track: 1. Open an Account at a Discount […]

11 December,2012

One of the reasons that investors sometimes choose the “big guys” when it comes to investing is because of the wide range of investment products and research tools. Fidelity, a company that has long been known as a financial services provider, and has a long history offering funds, is one that many investors find attractive. […]

14 November,2012

There are a number of online brokers out there, offering you the ability to invest on your own, and make money in the stock market. One of your choices is Firstrade, a company that has an easy-to-use web site, and a number of impressive mutual funds to select, this looks like a solid option at […]

16 October,2012

If you are looking for a low cost investing brokerage that allows you to trade options and futures for a relatively low price, TradeMONSTER might be a good fit. The brokerage offers solid educational resources for the beginning trader, as well as plenty of advanced resources and opportunities for the old hand. Opening a TradeMONSTER Account […]

18 September,2012

If you’re into index funds, chances are that you know about Vanguard. Indeed, trading Vanguard index funds and ETFs can provide you with a low cost way to invest with the help of dollar cost averaging. However, while you can get access to some amazing index products, there are downsides to Vanguard, including the relative […]

15 August,2012

One of the most well-known brokerages is Charles Schwab. This is a venerable brokerage that was a more traditional brokerage before brokerages became a big deal online. Now, of course, Charles Schwab offers online brokerage accounts, and it’s possible for almost anyone to invest with Schwab. Additionally, Charles Schwab provides banking and lending services, as […]