14 October,2013

One of the questions that many consumers ask as they wrestle with the realities of debt repayment is which debt to tackle first. There are different schools of thought, with some insisting that you start with the debt that has the lowest balance, and others insisting that you rank your debts in order of highest […]

12 August,2013

You’ve probably heard commercials on the radio, or seen ads on the Internet: You can get rid of your debt, paying just pennies on the dollar for what you owe. These types of offers are typically the result of debt settlement efforts. In some cases, the promises are true; there are some companies that can […]

23 May,2013

There is a lot of talk about how important it is to pay down your debt in order to improve your life and your financial situation. Most of this debt advice focuses around paying off your debt as quickly as possible. But what if you aren’t interested in drastically changing your lifestyle in order to […]

5 March,2013

One of the problems with staying debt free once you have made solid progress is that it can be tempting to slip back into your old ways. In reality, debt is more of a symptom than a problem. The real problem might actually be how you manage money. Debt as a Symptom of the Problem […]

25 December,2012

As we approach a brand new year, you have the chance to renew your commitment to pay down debt. By the time December (with its holiday spending) rolls around, it’s common for the debt repayment plan to kind of fall to the wayside. Now, though, you can re-commit, and create a plan to boost your […]

2 October,2012

One of the most stressful financial situations that many of us face is that of debt. Debt can be a very stressful situation, and it can strain your relationships and even impact your health. If you want to improve your life, as well as improve your finances, you need to consider how you can pay […]

7 August,2012

One of the ways that you can improve your financial situation, as well as improve your credit, is to pay down debt. Paying down debt can boost your credit score, and it puts you in a better financial situation. As long as you have debt — especially high priced credit card debt — you are […]

29 May,2012

When you have poor credit, it becomes important to fix the situation. Poor credit results in higher interest rates, as well as other costs. Additionally, your credit situation can have an impact on your insurance rates, approval for services, and even your ability to gain employment. While there are various ways to improve your credit, […]

2 March,2012

Are you tired of not knowing where your hard earned money is disappearing too each month? Does all of your money just seem to disappear by the end of the month? Are you left with bills that you need to scramble to find money to pay them? Are you in debt up to your eyeballs […]