Checking Account Information You MUST Know

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30 April,2013

One of the trends gaining a little traction right now is using prepaid debit as a replacement for a checking account. While a prepaid debit card can be useful in some cases, it might not always be the best way to handle your finances. Prepaid Debit: Replacing a Checking Account? In recent years, prepaid debit […]

12 February,2013

One of the ways that you can improve your financial situation is with the help of interest checking. There are checking accounts that pay interest on your balance, and these can provide you with a little extra money in your pocket. Plus, it’s a great way to earn interest while maintaining the liquidity that comes […]

27 November,2012

One of the assumptions many of us have is that anyone can open up a checking account, and enjoy the benefits of free checking. While it is true that most consumers can open a checking account, whether or not you end up with free checking is something that is decided according to your consumer profile, […]

20 July,2012

One of the ways to automate your finances and easily manage your expenses is to have some bills automatically deducted from your checking account. Automatic deductions are great, since you don’t have to worry about being present to make a payment, and you don’t need to write a check. However, before you decide to have […]

8 May,2012

For many, paper checks are relics from an age of money gone by. Checking accounts came to be because they were made expressly for the purpose of being able to write checks. And, of course, writing checks was more convenient than carrying around cash. However, times have moved on, and many of us feel that […]

6 March,2012

Not too long ago, consumers were up in arms about the bank fees charged by Bank of America. Indeed, some major banks toyed with the idea of adding a debit card fee. With consumers fresh off the anger of taxpayer-funded bailouts of major banks, additional fees didn’t go over too well. However, banks continue to […]

15 August,2011

Recently, I received a notice from my local credit union about the demise of their free checking account offering. I don’t have a checking account at that credit union (we opened a share account mainly so our son could have the high-yield kid’s account), so the $9 a month service charge doesn’t affect me. However, […]

13 June,2011

In a world where free checking is increasingly falling by the wayside, it can be discouraging to look for an account without service fees — especially if you are student who doesn’t expect to keep a high balance. Many financial institutions offer a student checking account, which can provide you with free checking, and possibly […]

6 June,2011

One of the financial realities of our society is that your consumer habits are of interest to just about anyone you do business with. Insurers and cell phone providers want to see that you have good credit. Banks want to know that you aren’t in the habit of bouncing checks. As a result of financial […]

4 June,2011

With so much of your money being exchanged digitally, online checking can be an easy tool for financial management. An online checking account usually comes with fewer fees than many accounts at brick and mortar banks. You can arrange for direct deposits, transfer money into other accounts (even at different financial institutions), and set up […]