CD Rates

CD Rates and other certificate of deposit valuable information that you have to consider before you choose the right CDs to invest in whether you are looking for the highest cd rates or looking for quality information about CDs.

5 February,2013

One of the ways that many consumers attempt to earn higher yields on their cash is with the help of certificates of deposit (CDs). Often CDs come with better rates than many savings accounts, and the money, provided you choose an institution that is insured by the FDIC (banks) or the NCUA (credit unions), is […]

20 November,2012

One of the difficulties that many savers face right now is that of a low interest rate environment. Interest rates are quite low right now, and they are likely to remain relatively low for quite some time. As a result, even CDs aren’t paying the same type of rates you could expect before the Fed […]

5 July,2012

We know that one of the most important things you can do for your long term finances is to prepare for difficulties with the help of cash. Cash offers you more liquidity that many other assets, including stocks, and it comes with the added bonus of not losing value. When you invest in stocks or […]

3 April,2012

One of the essentials for a solid financial situation is the emergency fund. You want to be able to draw on saved money in the event that a difficult and unexpected situation arises. Even though you know that you need to budget money for your emergency fund each month, it can be difficult for some […]

3 October,2011

One of the most disappointing realities for savers right now is that high CD rates are hard to find. Sure, you can get CDs with the highest rates, but even the highest rates now are much lower than the yields you could see back before the 2008 financial crisis. Indeed, CD rates are much lower […]

20 July,2011

Sometimes, as you look for the best CD rates, you might find that you have better luck when the CD in question has a higher minimum deposit. The more money you are willing to lock away for a set period of time, the better your interest yield. For institutions, and for high net worth individuals, […]

26 May,2011

One of the great things about an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is that it is so flexible. You can hold almost any type of asset in an IRA. This includes certificates of deposit (CDs). If you want to add the stability and safety of cash to your retirement account, you can consider adding a CD. […]

24 May,2011

Right now, we are experiencing a financial climate that makes it quite difficult to find high yields on cash products. However, there are some ways to earn a little more from your cash. If you don’t mind locking it away for a set period of time, you can consider CDs. CDs often have higher rates […]