29 January,2013

It’s never too early to begin thinking about your future career prospects. In fact, you should think about your career strategy now, and begin working toward improving your career prospects. Even if you feel as though you are in your dream job right now, it makes sense prepare for the possibility that you could be laid […]

7 November,2012

While attending college, it can be hard to think much beyond going to class and getting good grades. You’re probably aware that you will need a job when you get out of college, but that whole thing seems a long way off. Besides, that’s what the degree is for, right? To get you the job. […]

13 September,2012

Recently, I attended the Financial Blogger Conference. There were a number of interesting sessions, but one of the most inspiring was the opening keynote from Adam Baker of Man Vs. Debt. In his keynote, Adam shared the Golden Circle, as described by Simon Sinek. If you are looking for a way to energize your career, […]

2 July,2012

Big brands do this all the time; people wear cloths with companies’ logos and names, think Nike, Old Navy etc’. Cars have their manufacture symbol in the front and the back of the vehicle. Apple have their logo on every product. Consumers are proud and happy to be seen with the products they use! Big […]

1 May,2012

As social media becomes more popular — and more searchable online — many companies actually do a quick search while researching top applicants. On top of that, many companies actually take social media into consideration when recruiting new hires. If your career strategy calls for a new job at some point, or if you want […]

7 February,2012

For many, starting a home business is a dream come true. You can work from home, set your own hours, and not worry about office politics. However, there are also challenges to working from home. One of the biggest challenges is overcoming a feeling of isolation when you are an entrepreneur. Loneliness in Your Home […]

3 January,2012

Over the last few years, we’ve sseen signs of economic improvement. With people feeling more secure about their finances, and companies ready to hire again, it’s no surprise that many thinking that now might be the time to find a new job — or at least work toward a promotion or raise. As you consider […]

6 December,2011

With the recent recession still very real for many, it seems as though the smart decision right now is to simply take any job — just to survive. And, while you don’t want to turn your nose up at work when it’s offered to you, especially if you need it, it’s important to have a […]

8 November,2011

As you look to improve your career, you need to consider your soft skills. Some of these types of skills aren’t glaringly obvious. They aren’t technical, and they can’t be easily quantified. However, soft skills are important to develop as you advance your career. These are skills that can add value to an organization, and […]