golden circle simon sinek

Energize Your Career with Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle


13 September,2012

Recently, I attended the Financial Blogger Conference. There were a number of interesting sessions, but one of the most inspiring was the opening keynote from Adam Baker of Man Vs. Debt.

In his keynote, Adam shared the Golden Circle, as described by Simon Sinek. If you are looking for a way to energize your career, you might consider applying the concept of the Golden Circle.

What is the Golden Circle?

The Golden Circle is a concept put forward by Sinek that consists of concentric rings, with the word “Why” at the middle. The next ring contains the word “How,” while the final layer is inscribed with the word “What.”

Most people, Adam pointed out, start with the outer ring, and then move inward. They start with What, and then try to work in toward the middle. However, the Why can be elusive when you start with the What. Instead, the Golden Circle concept encourages you to start with the Why.

First, figure out your motivation. Determine what motivates you, and find your passion. What are you most interested in? Whether you are looking to advance your career, or whether you want to start a business, instead of beginning with the What, consider starting with the Why.

Once you know your motivation — once you answer the question Why — you can begin moving outward. If you really know the reason behind what you do, then you can figure out the How, and eventually reach the What. This is an important distinction, and one that can energize your career. When you know Why you are doing something, and you have a reason to move forward, it can provide you with motivation, and a clear path to your goals.

Adam said that you should start with your motivation. Then, you can change your scope, and make a plan. Whether you are hoping to reach a certain point in your career, or hoping to start a successful business, figuring out your Why is a good first step.

Are You Complacent?

You can use Sinek’s Golden Circle to help you break out of complacency. It’s easy to find a level of comfort, and it’s also easy to focus so much on tasks that you forget about why you are even doing them.

Instead of getting caught up in the day to day tasks, consider your reasons for doing what you do. If you feel worn down by your circumstances, it is time to reconsider your path. Think about Why you continue to plod on. Then, consider what truly motivates you, and how you might live according to your passion. Create a plan to improve your situation, and align your career goals so that they match up with your motivations.

Adam recommended that we live life with purpose. Finding purpose in your life, and finding purpose in your career, or business, can help you improve your situation, and feel greater interest in your work. Instead of feeling that your only option is to keep on in the same way, re-evaluate your motivations. Use the Golden Circle to help you energize your career, and make the progress you want in your life.