Shailesh Kumar, MBA, is an avid investor in the US stock markets and has spent over 15 years perfecting the art of value investing. Featured on New York Times, CNBC,, Business Insider, Forbes and Seeking Alpha. He is the portfolio manager for Value Stock Guide where he recommends undervalued stocks to premium members. If you are looking for the best stocks to buy for the long term, you need to be at Value Stock Guide.

14 November,2011

Perhaps you have heard the adage: Buy stocks when there is blood in the streets. Well, there is certainly blood on the streets. Europe is a mess and that has spooked the stock markets globally, including in the US. You might agree philosophically that buying stocks at the time of great upheavals is a solid […]

29 September,2011

Difficult as it may seem to imagine but this will turn out to be a great time to buy stocks. Being a contrarian tends to pay off really well long term. Buy low and sell high seems obvious enough but it is a difficult idea to really put in practice, specially when the market falls […]

30 June,2011

If you have been investing for any length of time, you have probably heard the term value investing. Perhaps, you also know that some of the most successful investors, such as Warren Buffett, Ben Graham, and John Templeton, are or were value investors. What is Value Investing? There is a fundamental principle in investing – […]