Term Vs Whole Life Insurance: What Michael Phelps and Life Insurance Have in Common?

If you struggle to understand the difference between term and whole life insurance, this article is for you. As an agent of 14+ years, I know sometimes even I fail to understand the nuances. So then how do you, the consumer, expect to understand and make a good decision about life insurance for you and […]

5 Bad Money Habits That Are Killing Your Budget (and How to Break Them)

Your bad money habits cost more than you think. If you’re stuck in a loop of credit card debt, putting off investing, or committing other well-known financial atrocities, it could add years to your working life and take them away from the cozy retirement you envision. Here are some of the most common habits that […]

7 Financial Factors to Keep in Mind When Budgeting for a House

Buying a house is one of the biggest financial and personal investments of a lifetime. Home ownership has long been a milestone of contemporary life, but how do you make the American Dream a reality? Buying a house is very expensive — in ways you might have never even considered. Here are a few items […]

Beware of Top 10 Best Life Insurance Companies Lists

With over 850 life insurance companies selling life insurance policies, many consumers find it challenging to find the best companies for their particular needs. One of the most common approaches many consumers take is to run a Google search to find the top companies. They might employ search terms using something like “Top 10 Life […]

Unclaimed Life Insurance: Where To Find It & How To Claim It

I’m sure you can agree with me that searching for a life insurance can be time-consuming and seem pointless. But hear me out: What if I told you that you can find lost life insurance faster than ever now and that there are even several companies that assist you with finding these policies. Today I […]

How to Maximize Your Credit Card Rewards

Credit cards are often portrayed as tools of evil. While you can certainly get in over your head with a credit card, the reality is that with the right approach, a rewards credit card can help your finances. The right credit card rewards program can provide you with extra cash, free travel, and other perks. […]

How Your Credit Report Impacts Your Credit Score

Many consumers find the credit industry a little confusing. You have a credit report and a credit score, and it isn’t always clear which is which and how each item impacts you. As you move forward trying to improve your financial situation, it’s important to understand the relationship between your credit report and your credit […]

Which Insurance Policies Should You Have?

It can be hard sometimes to feel good about paying insurance premiums. After all, it can feel like you’re throwing money away, especially if you don’t make any claims. The reality, though, is that insurance is about risk management. While you might not like making the premium payments, the truth is that you might be […]

5 Life Changes that Dramatically Impact Your Taxes

As you consider your finances and prepare to file your taxes, you need to think about whether or not you are subject to life changes in recent months. There are some life changes that can dramatically impact your taxes, and you need to be ready for that. 1. Divorce If you have been filing your […]

5 Strategies for Handling a Stock Market Drop

At the time of writing this, the stock market is losing ground. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is down more than 500 points, and the NASDAQ and S&P 500 are also struggling quite a bit. Global stocks are faring just as poorly, with indexes around the world dropping dramatically. During times like these, it’s tempting […]