Is That Investment REALLY “Like a CD”?

Even though the financial crisis was six years ago, many people still remember the impact. Not only that, but with the slow growth of the economy, many people still feel as though they are living in a recession environment. The low rates frustrate savers because the low yields from CDs mean that you are probably […]

Should You Open a Joint Checking Account with Your Spouse?

One of the biggest issues that you need to consider when you marry is whether or not you should open a joint checking account with your spouse. Combining finances can be tricky, and you need to make sure you understand the implications before you go the joint account route. Do You Want to Combine Your […]

Tax Tips for the Second Half of the Year

Now that the year is halfway over, it’s a good idea to reflect on your finances, and look ahead to the coming months. This includes considering what’s next for your taxes. As you arrange your finances for the second half of the year, here are some tax tips to incorporate: Organize Your Paperwork The best […]

How You Can Save Money and Still Have Fun This Summer

Too often, we get caught up in a mindset that spending money means more fun. It’s easy to think that, since so many fun activities, from amusement parks to maintaining a boat you can take to the lake, require an outlay of cash. While you don’t have to pinch all of your pennies in an […]

6 Steps to Successful Retirement Investing

If you want to build a nest egg that will result in a successful retirement, you need to have a good investing plan. The reality is that you are unlikely to reach your retirement goals if you don’t invest. As scary as that sounds, the truth is that investing is one of the best ways […]

Can You Self Insure?

One of the ways to protect your assets without breaking the bank is to purchase insurance. Insurance policies are designed so that you pay a smaller amount each month in exchange for a larger payout down the road if you need it. Many of us don’t have the money to replace a car or a […]

How to Add More Diversity (without Complexity) to Your Portfolio

One of the concerns that many people have when investing is with diversity. You know that you are supposed to have appropriate diversity in your portfolio, but there are some who wish that they had more to choose from than stocks and bonds. Even though most experts agree that a mix of stocks and bonds […]

Is Debt Ever a Good Thing?

One of the basic tenets of personal finance is that it’s vital that you pay off your debt. In general, debt is viewed negatively. However, there might be times when debt can be a good thing — or at least a Not So Bad thing. If you’re going to use debt to further your finances, […]

Why Data Breaches Matter to Your Credit Report

For the last few months, it seems we’ve heard a lot about data breaches. From major retailers to vulnerabilities like Heartbleed, word that your personal information could be out there is spreading. But what does it matter? As long as you protect your bank account passwords, taking the proper precautions, you should be safe, right? […]

Reducing Your Need for Student Debt in College

Unfortunately, the cost of college keeps rising. While you don’t necessarily need a degree to succeed in your career, many people see still some type of higher education as the key to success later in life. If you are pinning your hopes for future success on the outcome of attending college, then there’s a good […]