Got Dividends? Reinvest Them!

This year, I joined a number of other bloggers in the Grow Your Dough Throwdown, an investment challenge. In this challenge, each of the participants starts with $1,000. We can’t add any new money to the account throughout the year, but we can buy and sell as we see fit, and earnings from our investments can […]

Do You Have Renter’s Insurance?

After seven years of being a homeowner, I’m back to being a renter. I’ve sold my house, moved across the country, and now live in an apartment (although I can’t complain; the apartment isn’t that much smaller than my house was). One of the first orders of business in my new life as a renter […]

Making Debt Paydown a Priority

One of the problems with paying down debt is that other things sometimes get in the way. Then it becomes difficult, because we often feel as though we aren’t making the progress we would like. However, if you want to be successful, you need to make debt paydown a priority. Often, one of the reasons […]

5 Things That Don’t Affect Your Credit Score

We often think of a credit score as a snapshot of our finances. However, there is plenty of financial information that doesn’t actually affect your credit score. Remember: a credit score is meant to reflect your history of handling loans. As a result, there is some financial information that doesn’t apply. Here are 5 things […]

3 Reasons to Use Credit Cards Instead of Debit Cards

I almost never use a debit card anymore. I love using my credit cards because they offer me a number of advantages over debit cards. Of course, if you decide to use credit cards instead of debit cards, you do need to be careful; you don’t want to end up in debt. If you have […]

5 Realities That Come With a Career Change

Many of us like the idea of changing careers. When you are tired of your current job, or if you are concerned that you might be stuck in a dead end, it is tempting to just start over again in a new career. Indeed, many people find that a career change can be just what’s […]

Is That Investment REALLY “Like a CD”?

Even though the financial crisis was six years ago, many people still remember the impact. Not only that, but with the slow growth of the economy, many people still feel as though they are living in a recession environment. The low rates frustrate savers because the low yields from CDs mean that you are probably […]

Should You Open a Joint Checking Account with Your Spouse?

One of the biggest issues that you need to consider when you marry is whether or not you should open a joint checking account with your spouse. Combining finances can be tricky, and you need to make sure you understand the implications before you go the joint account route. Do You Want to Combine Your […]

Tax Tips for the Second Half of the Year

Now that the year is halfway over, it’s a good idea to reflect on your finances, and look ahead to the coming months. This includes considering what’s next for your taxes. As you arrange your finances for the second half of the year, here are some tax tips to incorporate: Organize Your Paperwork The best […]

How You Can Save Money and Still Have Fun This Summer

Too often, we get caught up in a mindset that spending money means more fun. It’s easy to think that, since so many fun activities, from amusement parks to maintaining a boat you can take to the lake, require an outlay of cash. While you don’t have to pinch all of your pennies in an […]