Have You Thought About Mobile Check Deposit Limits?

One of the great things about technology is that it makes it possible for you to do your banking from almost anywhere. You can initiate transfers, check your balance, and even pay your bills right from your cell phone. It’s even possible to deposit a check via cell phone. I do it all the time. […]

Should You Be Chasing Yield on Your CDs?

One of the realities we’ve been facing for several years now is the fact that interest yields on many savings products are quite low. Interest rates were cut in the name of economic stimulus, with the idea being that lower interest rates would encourage more people to borrow money. For savers, though, that has meant […]

Raise Your Career Profile By Speaking at a Conference

Recently, I attended the FinCon Expo. This year it was held in New Orleans. I normally go as an attendee, which is something I find helpful for my career. This year, though, I did more than just attend; I moderated a panel. Being a speaker at the conference helped me raise my career profile, and […]

Going on a Business Trip? Don’t Forget the Tax Deduction!

I just got back from New Orleans, where I had a great time at the FinCon Expo. The good news is that, even though I had a great time, I also went for business purposes. That means that a lot of what I did during the five days I was in New Orleans was tax-deductible. […]

Do You Need Coupons to Save Money?

One of the first things you hear when you’re trying to figure out how to save more money is that you should use coupons. Indeed, from vacations to groceries, many people suggest that you clip coupons (or find them online) if you want to save money. While clipping coupons can save you money, the reality […]

How Confident are You About Your Ability to Retire?

One of the things that many of us look forward to is retirement. Even if you don’t plan to sit around all day doing nothing once you reach “retirement age”, you still want to be able to do what you want. Essentially, retirement is all about freedom. It’s about the freedom to choose your lifestyle, […]

Got Dividends? Reinvest Them!

This year, I joined a number of other bloggers in the Grow Your Dough Throwdown, an investment challenge. In this challenge, each of the participants starts with $1,000. We can’t add any new money to the account throughout the year, but we can buy and sell as we see fit, and earnings from our investments can […]

Do You Have Renter’s Insurance?

After seven years of being a homeowner, I’m back to being a renter. I’ve sold my house, moved across the country, and now live in an apartment (although I can’t complain; the apartment isn’t that much smaller than my house was). One of the first orders of business in my new life as a renter […]

Making Debt Paydown a Priority

One of the problems with paying down debt is that other things sometimes get in the way. Then it becomes difficult, because we often feel as though we aren’t making the progress we would like. However, if you want to be successful, you need to make debt paydown a priority. Often, one of the reasons […]

5 Things That Don’t Affect Your Credit Score

We often think of a credit score as a snapshot of our finances. However, there is plenty of financial information that doesn’t actually affect your credit score. Remember: a credit score is meant to reflect your history of handling loans. As a result, there is some financial information that doesn’t apply. Here are 5 things […]